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QM Netball Adopt CoppaFeel!

QM Netball Captain Polly Fletcher talks boobs, naked calendars and RAG, explaining why QMN have adopted the CoppaFeel! Charity

In 2015, QMUL Netball Club had the honour of adopting the CoppaFeel! charity through the University’s RAG programme. As young girls at university, thinking to check our boobs for any unnatural lumps or bumps is sadly last on our list behind dissertations, what meal deal to get in Sainsburys after morning lectures or which rugby boy we have our eye on for the next Drapers Wednesday. CoppaFeel! want to change this, and place checking our boobs at the top of every young girl’s (or guy’s!) to-do list.

CoppaFeel! exists to make young people rethink their lifestyles in an attempt to instil a new healthy habit that could one day save their life – feeling your boobs. Currently over 2000 men and women die of stage 4 breast cancer each year due to late detection, and CoppaFeel! have made it their mission to educate society’s youth to drastically decrease this statistic. The charity revolves around awareness and is much less about shaking a bucket in the street and more about getting out into the public asking when people last checked their breasts. They are innovative and dynamic; QMN could not be prouder to have been linked to such a fantastic cause.

You may have seen our Charities Chair, Sophie Ogbonda-Jardine, strutting around dressed as a boob at Freshers Fair back in September. This was not just a rare display of exhibitionism on Sophie’s behalf, but rather marked the beginning of QMN’s work with the CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Team. Working on new ideas with the team has led to many exciting ideas for fundraising and raising awareness of breast cancer prevention, but none more so than our latest project. It seems to be the age of the naked calendar, so it seemed rude for the netball girls not to join in. With the help of budding photographer Alex Legge (current QM Drama student and CoppaFeel! supporter), the girls stripped down to bare all for this fabulous cause! There were a few tricky situations with a ball pump, a shower and some tactical limb placement to preserve modesty, but the QM Netball girls could not be more proud of the end result.

If you would like to join the CoppaFeel! crusade and help spread awareness of this amazing charity’s mission then please donate and buy your very own sparkly new QMN CoppaFeel! Naked Calendar 2016! At £6 for one or £10 for two, who said the Christmas sales were over?! For all information please follow the link to our website:

Thank you and please, please, please remember checking your boobs is not just for fun; it could save your life! Check out CoppaFeel’s incredible work and learn how you could get involved at

You can also text ‘UBT QUEEN MARY’ to 70500 to sign up to your free monthly reminder to check your boobs (the first text will cost the standard network rate, but after this it is free).

Image: Alex Legge

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