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QM Elections: EXCLUSIVE First Look At Candidate List

New faces as well as seasoned campaigners join the list of over 100 nominations for next years full-time and part-time representatives

The election fog-horn officially sounded as nominations closed at 4pm yesterday, with a new cohort of impassioned students briefed and ready for the campaigning to begin. With many nominations coming in the final few hours, the inevitable  Facebook pages are already beginning and it’s all set to be a pretty fervent race.

Positions marked RON are now open again for students to nominate themselves.

Executive Officers:


Miranda Black
Harrison Burton
Eloise ‘Wizzy’ Heap
Usman Mohammad

Vice President Barts and London

William Atkins
Aleksander Rula
Rakin Choudhury

Vice President Education

Edward ‘Eddie’ Scott
Sumeera Ahmad
Monty Shield

Vice President Welfare

Adam Sparkes
Phillip Mugurwa-Gobvu
Gemma Meredith

To download the full candidate list click here.

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Image: QMSU

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