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David Cameron Forgets Simple Logic

In a strange turn of events David Cameron has declared war in order to prevent war

The prime minister has been calling for an escalation of Britain’s involvement in the Syrian conflict under a guise of an international peace keeping. His theory of war preventing war is somewhat contrived, not unlike cutting your hair when you want to have longer hair. This is the latest in a string of events that have the country wondering if Cameron has actually lost his mind.

He had previously gotten mixed up between preventing something and causing it when he wanted to help the poor but ended up cutting working tax credits that same month, which will make many people a lot poorer.

It has also been reported from an inside source at number 10 that something has gone astray in the PM’s mind. He often complains of being too warm and then puts on a wetsuit, when thirsty he eats salt, and when horny he places his penis into the mouths of pigs. There is a trend within this lack of logic that is all well and good when he’s running to try and cool down but it’s not acceptable when he’s tying a nation into unwinnable wars in the desert.

If the whole country were run on David Cameron’s twisted ideals then we would wear sun cream at night, shoes on our hands, and cats and dogs would prance merrily down Embankment discussing the price of bread. This would be a travesty by all accounts, as is the systematic bombing of an already warstricken nation.

Image: Flickr// brett jordan

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