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The Bees’ Knees Chapter 5

The Beeginning of the End


(N.B: Apologies for the lack of Bee Story entry in the last issue. The bee man has now become a bee and is king of the bee kingdom.)

The higher the concentration of fructose in honey, the faster it will set. It was spring, the honey had started setting.

My Queen rose from her sticky cocoon, and without saying a word, dropped off her throne. I watched as her supportive workers held her in their arms, hastily stuffing rounds of royal jelly into her jaw, caressing her soft angular face.

But it wasn’t the honey, domesticated bees don’t even eat honey! They eat sugar syrup! It was the mites.


Every nook and cranny of my hive was mite-ridden. The small bastards bastarding around, sucking the blood and eating the goods, giving me hate eyes like it was going out of fashion.

I looked out into the garden, up at Janet. She was staring into the hive, and there was someone next to her. It looked like…the owner of the pest control van. He opened the lid and gazed at my fellow bees and me. Why did the pervert cross the road? Coz he wanted to have a gander at the bees.

‘’Right. Yeah. Mites. Petrol.’’

My heart beating, I racked my brains, this idea had better be a good one.

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