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QM Elections: The Results

The votes have been counted, the candidates have been chosen, Drapers’ dance floor is covered in tears and red beer again

Given the poor attendance of this year’s hustings, a surprisingly large crowd eagerly stumbled into a dimly lit Drapers yesterday, to hear current President Dola reveal this year’s winners. While the actual announcements were over pretty quickly, the social media hypers were out in full force, suggesting there still might be some more left to learn from this year’s QM Election season. With congratulations to all involved, we bring you the full list of this year’s successful candidates.

The position of Vice Present Welfare has not yet been announced due to ongoing complaints procedures- an exclusive first dropped by us on twitter.


Executive Officers

President: Carolina Mantzalos (QMAssemble)

Vice President Barts and the London: William ‘Will’ Atkins

Vice President Education: Imran Hussain

Vice President Welfare: TBA


Student Trustees

Mashalle Asim (QMAssemble)

Katie Lock

Umar Haroon

Sam Rowles


NUS Delegates

Mashalle Asim (QMAssemble)

Anushmita Kadian

Monty Shield

Imran Hussain


Student Council

BL Positions

Barts and The London Faculty Representative (Clinical): Riana Patel

Barts and The London Faculity Representative (Dental): Neha Kansagra

Barts and The London Faculty Representative (Pre- Clinical): Umahma Tarvala

Dental Society President: Vishal Borat

Campaigns Officer: Ana King

LGBT+ Representative: Scott McCambridge

Multi-Cultural Representative: Mahnur Khan

Societies Officer (BL): Ella Abuowen

RAG Officer (BL): Logan Bell

Sports Officer (BL): William Atkins

Vice President Barts: Isabella ‘Issy’ Spence

Vice President London: Aleks Rula

Volunteering Officer (BL): Simon Corke

Welfare Representative (BL): Emma Norris


Cross Campus

Student Media Officer: Chierol Lai

Commercial Services Officer: Maisam-Reza Khaku

Student Council Chair: Fahad Chowdhury


Mile End

Disabled Students Representative (Mile End): Matilda Marcillo

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Representative: Aidan Higgens (QMAssemble) and Petros Petrikkos

International Representative (Education): Elinor Mielants (Union 4 You)

International Representative (Welfare): Jawaad Hussain (Union 4 You)

LGBT+ Representative: Adam Sparkes (QMAssemble)

Multi-Cultural Representative: Farhasaad Shahid

Postgraduate Research Representative: Sam Miles

RAG Officer:  Trisha Misty (Union 4 You)

Science and Engineering Faculty Representative: Ali Talir and Paulo Arroyo

Societies Officer: Yasir ‘Yas’ Yeahia

Sports Officer: Eloise ‘Wizzy’ Heap (QMAssemble)

Volunteering Officer: Ngoc ‘Nia’ Nguyen

Welfare Representative: Isaac Sowe

Women’s Representative: Giulia Antiga


Additional Non- Rep

Alumni Officer (BL): Oliver Trampleasure

Entertainments Officer (BL): Jemimah Williams-Rumble and Tom Longbottom

Secretary (BL): Emma Sykes

External Affairs Officer: Saarah Rana


Image: The Vulture BL

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