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Sabbs Update: The library survey you’ve all been dreaming of

VP Education Carolina Mantzalos talks postgrad study, elections and 24/7 library hours as well as updates on QMSU events

Hey Everyone and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great holiday and are super excited to be back at University, for a very exciting term lying ahead, perhaps not so much on the university workload side! So, I just wanted to update you all on what is happening over the next couple of months.

The Education Zone ran their annual survey until the 23rd January, on the motivations for Postgraduate Study. The response rate was that of 705 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, which is an excellent response rate considering how many students are being SURVEYED OUT! The results of the survey will be presented to the University by myself, some of the part-time officers and an external speaker. The purpose of this is to show where there is need for more provision in regards to offering the variety of choices available to students at QMUL, or any additional help available such as funding, or grants.

What about library provision? Are you a student who would like to have the Mile End Library opening hours extended to 24/7 all year round? A survey was released on Monday 26th Jan, reaching an amazing 800 responses within 2 hours. The President and myself have both been working with the Library to put a bid through to the annual PARR of the University to help achieve this goal. We need to push students to fill this survey to prove the demands for it, so if you have 1 minute then please go onto the survey and complete it before the end of the first week of February:

Another issue is QReview. I don’t want to have to throw another survey at you, BUT, it is extremely important that students participate in a survey to show us how and why they need to use QReview. The good news is that QReview is now opt-out across the faculty of SMD, and the faculty of HSS. What this means is that all lectures are to be recorded automatically unless a lecturer chooses to opt-out. Now, there are only a couple of schools left in the faculty of S&E, and thus we need your help to prove to the University that we need to be using QReview. The link to this survey is:

GENERAL Elections are nearing on the 7th May 2015, and thus the Sabbatical Officers have decided to go out to Halls across our campuses, over the last week of Jan and first week of Feb to try and encourage students to register to vote! We have managed to get a lot of people to register, and are hoping to get a voting poll in the HUB to make things a little easier for those studying and sitting exams in May.

Finally, a few dates for your calendar – RAG Week and Green Week will be running from 6th-13th February, with many fun events for all students to attend, and all for good causes. The week will finish off with QM International on the 13th February from 4-7 in The Octagon celebrating different cultures and performances held by our societies. Hope you are all excited for this term and hope many of you can attend our events!

Image: QMSU

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