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QM Elections: EXCLUSIVE first look at candidate list

90 nominations were submitted including duplicates, with fresh faces as well as old favourites in the running.

Election season is finally upon us! Nominations closed at 4pm today, with many coming in the final few hours. We bring you the preliminary candidate list, keeping in mind it may be subject to change. Every candidate is briefed and ready for the campaigning to begin, with positions marked RON opening again tomorrow.

Executive Officers


Carolina Mantzalos
Liam ‘Lee Um’ Rawsom
Sivan Kader

Vice President Barts and London

James Lambert
William ‘Will’ Atkins

Vice President Education

Imran Hussain
Lauren Cantillon
Mathew Pawson
Sadia Rehman
Sebuh ‘Seb’ Mesfin
Takashi Doyama

Vice President Welfare

Afolabi Adekaiyaotja
Alex Greenwood
Asha Akhtar Choudhry
Hassan Rashied
Meenal Selvaratnam
Miranda Black
Suhrit ‘Su’ Majumder

To download the full preliminary candidate list click here.

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Image: QMSU

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