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Meat victorious at Student Council

Eventful third Student Council of the year sees motions concerning halal food and Quest Radio pass whilst Meat Free Monday faces stiff opposition

Meat was the word on everyone’s lips at the first Student Council of the semester as students packed into the Blomeley Rooms for the penultimate council of the year. After an update from Sabbatical and part-time officers which included a video preview of a potential summer festival to be held in cooperation with other London University students’ unions – motions swiftly followed.

First motion of the night, concerning union reimbursement for election candidates expenditure was proposed by Chris Smith and will see QM follow in the footsteps of other universities across the UK such as Manchester, UCL, Newcastle and St Andrews in removing the financial burden of running in student elections. Following on from the opening motion, the second motion of the night also faced minimal opposition. Put forward by Quest Radio station manager Lucy Furneaux and seconded by student media officer Chierol Lai, the motion rightfully proposed Quest be broadcast in QMSU outlets across campus and passed to applause from the student media congregation at the back of the room. Station manager Lucy Furneaux was extremely happy with the result:

“The motion passing is a fantastic and exciting step forward for everyone at Quest Radio and I would like to thank all the student council members that voted for it. Broadcasting across student union outlets is crucial for any university radio station and we look forward to sound-tracking the daily student experience across campus.”

Motions on both clear halal food certification within QMSU food outlets and illegible handwriting exam guidelines also passed with the latter proposing amendments to the Queen Mary academic regulations, which state:

“Students must write legibly. Illegible handwriting shall not normally be transcribed, nor shall students be permitted to dictate the contents. Any part of a script deemed illegible by an examiner shall normally be awarded no marks.”

The motion was passionately put forward by current Mile End societies officer Stella Tsantekidou.

The second to last motion of the night proved to be the most passionately argued and the reason behind the above average council attendance. The ‘Student not suspect’ motion concerns Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill (CTSB) which is currently making its way through parliament. According to those proposing, CTSB seeks to make controversial ‘Prevent’ and ‘Channel’ strategies statutory and is it feared by academics and campaigners that the bill will create a culture where students are unwilling speak out. The motion was debated passionately back and forth with the general consensus of the discussion disapproving of the parliamentary bill itself, but there was confusion as to enactment and finer parts of the wording. The motion was eventually passed.

Ending the night on a surprisingly contentious note, a motion for a regular ‘Meat-free Monday’ was emphatically opposed. The motion, which suggested an initiative in which QMSU outlets refrained from selling meat on a Monday was greeted by those attending council with nothing less than utter shock. Humanities and Social Sciences faculty representative Matt Mahmoudi sprung up immediately to the front of council to oppose the motion with carnivorous gusto and a wave of fearful meat rhetoric was heard throughout the room. Points of information suggested the possibility of contraband meat being smuggled onto campus and the realisation that such an initiative seemed doomed in a part of London over-run with chicken shops. It is clear those proposing were merely suggesting the initiative as a way of highlighting animal cruelty, healthy living and sustainability but these factors were overwhelmed by a legitimate fear of meat-free enforcement. Sources suggest that a ‘Meat-free Monday’ motion has been proposed for the last four consecutive years and failed.

The final Student Council of the year will be on Tuesday 24th March at 6.30pm in the Blomeley Rooms. For further in depth coverage check The Print’s live-tweeting coverage as well as the hashtag: #QMcouncil

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