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ISoc and Barts Muslim Medics and Dentists raise thousands

Charity week surpassed all expectations and inspired students unite to raise a record £46,779.44

Charity Week was first started in 2004 by a small team of university students from London. Initially, the project was organised by the University of London Islamic Society (ULU ISoc) in partnership with Islamic Relief (a member of UK’s Disaster Emergency Committee). Charity Week provides us with a dual purpose: to raise awareness for orphans and needy children, whilst anticipating a reward as a result of fulfilling one’s obligation or the voluntary action of giving charity – known as Sadaqah.

Now in its 11th year, Queen Mary Islamic Society (ISoc) and Barts Muslim Medics and Dentists (MMD) brothers organized a mountain trek up the tallest mountain in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon, which involved 60 people, whilst the sisters organized a skywalk over the O2.

The week kicked off with the ‘Intersociety Quiz’ where over 15 societies competed to win the coveted Intersoc quiz trophy, which was won by BL Carrom society! There was also the ‘Queen Maryam’ Football Tournament, which hosted 32 teams.

‘Unity is Key’, the core team, which was made up of six members representing QMUL and Barts campuses, managed and supported more than two hundred volunteers. Multiple sub-teams were arranged to manage different aspects of the organisation – key areas included finance, media, logistics and events teams. Thus, those involved in managing such teams have definitely developed many transferable and employable skills they can apply once they graduate.

This cause has brought a lot of people together. New friendships have been formed, the unity between QM and Barts has grown and many people are aware not only of Charity Week, but of several other societies at QMUL and Barts. We relied on one another, trusted each other, and most importantly, worked around individual strengths and weaknesses in order to get everyone involved and become an effective team.

There were a handful of people who smashed their fundraising target for the mountain trek and ended up raising £1,000! We also had donors of £1,000 at the dinner.

The ultimate vision of Charity Week is to become a vehicle to inspire students to become active, socially engaged, and united upon Islam. Our aim was not just about raising money, rather it was about creating unity, and once unity is achieved, we found that the fruits became apparent through donations and support. We are convinced that the solution for the suffering of so many across the world is not a temporary hand-out, but a permanent and stable nation that is both productive and protective of its citizens. In essence, the solution does not lie in a box of medicine, but it lies in a stable economy.

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