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Equip Africa Society: Medical Do-Gooders

Looking south, south, south, south…

Equip Africa is a fundraising society that aims to raise awareness and promote the cause of the Equip Africa Charity, which is now officially registered as a non-profit organisation, founded by the medical student Ogagaoghene Sim-Ifere in 2013. Its main goal is to improve the condition of healthcare facilities in African countries by providing key medical equipment and training to underprivileged hospitals.

The vision of the Equip Africa Charity is to make a real impact on the precarious situation of many hospitals around Africa, making sure the equipment is used for the right purposes. The most recent project has been directed to the State Emergency Service (LASEMS) in Lagos, Nigeria. Through fundraising events the charity has succeeded in obtaining medical equipment to send to Lagos.

After the successful events and campaigns of the Equip Africa Charity, the Equip Africa Society was created, to further support these and many more projects. The society will act as the bridge between the charity and Queen Mary students by holding regular events and meetings on campus open to everyone. The new committee of the Equip Africa Society is determined to reach and engage a broad range of students in a fun and relaxed way to make sure the cause of the charity is well heard.
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