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Tory Leadership Conference brings political experts to QM this December

On December 5th, Queen Mary alongside the University of East Anglia and PSA Political Leadership are hosting a Conservative Leadership Conference

The event will take place on QM’s Mile End campus from 11am to 6pm with Lunch, refreshments and drinks included.

The event, chaired by Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke, will hear speakers including Matthew D’Ancona from the Evening Standard, QG and New York times, famous political historian Sir Anthony Seldon and Guardian columnist Anne Perkins as well as leading academics from across the country.

Professor Tim Bale, QMUL lecturer and speaker at the event tells us: “The Tories have always been a top-down party, albeit one prepared to get rid of leaders if things aren’t going well – which is why they’ve been labelled ‘an autocracy tempered by assassination’.  But they’ve also had an incredible range of leaders, from toffs to grammar-school boys – and of course one very famous grammar school girl!”

Bale ends, “so anyone who wants to understand this party – one of the oldest and most successful in the world – needs to understand its leaders, and there will be a great bunch of experts giving presentations on some of the most interesting leaders.  I think it’s a must-be-there event for anyone interested in British politics and political parties more generally.”

For more details and to buy your £4 discounted student ticket, please visit

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