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The tastiest test of the term

Eve Bolt attends the Baking Society quiz

The second event of the year for the Baking Society was a quiz of delicious proportions. Held in the Drapers Lounge on the 10th of November, it was a great opportunity to gather with enthusiasts who heartily welcomed all into the fold. I knew I was in worthy company when I noticed a fellow contestant’s phone was the yellow of custard.

The quiz wasn’t too much of a technical challenge, but delightful and fluffy for any oven fan. Anyone who’d eaten a cake or resisted the pastry-perfume lure of a bakery was eligible to enter, and what a pleasant exam it was (certainly more enjoyable than the many looming this year). Here are a few tasters (answers at the bottom):

1A) What sandwich sponge is filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam?

1B) What shortcrust pastry tart is filled with a layer of jam and a layer of sponge with ground almonds?

1C) Which flat, leavened bread, made of white flour and baked in a tandoor, is of northwest India?

1D) What cake is layered, filled with cream-cheese frosting, and traditionally coloured with beetroot?

1E) Which rectangular layered bake consists of shortbread, caramel, and chocolate?

It got a little stickier with questions such as:

2A) When was the chocolate chip cookie invented? 1730, 1830 or 1930?

2B) Who first published a recipe for pies? The Romans, The Vikings or The English?

2C) What fruit is a Tart Tatin traditionally filled with? Pears, Apples or Strawberries?

As well as an entertaining quiz, participants had also brought along a myriad of amusing ‘never-before-baked’ goods for our bouches. Coffee and chocolate cupcakes, an apple cake that ‘tasted like winter’, chocolate muffins, and garlic monkeybread, a marvellous menu to tide us over to the first prize: an assorted box of Krispy Kremes.

An hour of my time discussing cake on a Monday evening before getting back to the grindstone actually alleviated some stress, which in turn prepared me for productive work throughout the week. It was fruitful in forming new friendships and turning a guilty pleasure into a victory, for it was my team, For Goodness Bake, who won. This was thanks to a genius idea by my team mates to turn the bonus points activity – decorating a sponge – into a Winter Wonderland with icing igloos, trees, and polar bears. The Rising Stars didn’t quite rise to the challenge, and the Crouton Crew simply didn’t accrue enough points, but their cakes were splendid, one a Snowman, the other a Christmas tree.

I was bowled over by the fun and merriment of this event, and heartily encourage any student gingerly peeping into the Societies sphere to give this group a go.





1A) Victoria Sponge 1B) Frangipane 1C) Naan Bread 1D) Red Velvet Cake 1E) Millionaire’s Shortbread


2A) 1930 2B) The Romans 2C) Apples

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