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Queen Mary Ahlul-Bayt Society answers the question Who Is Hussain?

A man stood against tyranny 1400 years ago

Even today, his ultimate sacrifice is remembered and mourned by millions around the world. This week, Queen Mary Ahlul-Bayt Society aimed to raise awareness of his profile by holding a stall all week and giving out free water, drinks, food, leaflets and information.

Why did they do it? As it turns out, Hussain was the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, who was slaughtered in a land called Karbala, along with his family and companions. They stood up for truth at a time where injustice was rife, and they were tortured, denied water for 3 days and held prisoners for much longer. The message the Ahlul-Bayt Society was promoting was one of peace, truth and justice. “It was a great turnout over the week, we managed to give out over 1000 bottles of water and we made so many people aware of the universal message of Imam Hussain, May Allah bless him.”

“However, there is still a long way to go before everyone is aware of the sacrifice of Imam Hussain, May Allah bless him,” a member of the Society said. One of their other outreach projects was a blood donation drive, encouraging people to donate blood and save lives. Another spokesperson said that overall they managed to collect about 40 or more donors throughout the week and that can help over 200 lives. This, along with everything they did over the week, amplifies their message of unity, peace and justice perfectly.

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