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QMUL scientists take home 2014 Cancer Research UK prize

A team of researchers led by Queen Mary, University of London are awarded the 2014 Cancer Research UK prize for their work on the IBIS-I and IBIS-II breast cancer prevention trials

A group of scientists attending the NCRI Cancer Conference in Liverpool took home the prestigious 2014 Cancer Research UK prize for Translational Cancer Research early this month. The team, led by QMUL’s Professor Jack Cuzick and including other professors from the University of Manchester and the University of Newcastle, Australia, have a long-held commitment to cancer prevention.

The prize acknowledged the achievements of the team who developed the IBIS-I and IBIS-II breast cancer prevention trials. The trials, commencing in 1992 with IBIS-I, found that the early use of preventative drugs such as Tamoxifen could substantially reduce the risk of breast cancer development in high risk women. The trials continue to produce important information on the long-term benefits of preventative drug use for women at risk with other drugs such as Anastrozole.

Speaking after receiving the award, Professor Cuzick, Head of the Centre for Cancer Prevention at QMUL, commented that the research “has been an exciting new development in breast cancer prevention – leading to greater risk reductions with fewer side effects. We now have good choices for high risk women to prevent some breast cancers, but their remains a lot more to do.”

He added that, “We are truly honoured to receive this prestigious award and would like to thank our colleagues at CR-UK for this recognition of our achievements. We work as a team and a huge number of people contributed to the exciting new discoveries of the IBIS I and II trials, and we all share in the recognition.”

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