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QMBL Women’s Rugby tackle Kent

QMBL women’s fall short against a strong Kent side, resulting in their first loss of the season

Final score: 22 – 5 to Kent

We first met our seasoned Kent opposition two years ago in our first ever game. Ever. However, the club has grown massively since that fateful day, and our second encounter with Kent was an opportunity to prove this.

In the starting lineup, Kent kicked to us. Ball was not held by QMBL. Fiercely chased by Kent, the ball moved from the attacking scrum wide right. Trade mark tackle by QMBL full back ‘Shand the Slaughterer’ wiped out Kent’s threatening run close to the touchline. Penalty awarded for the tackler not rolling away after the tackle. Kent captain attempted a somewhat over-ambitious kick for the posts. Conversion missed, the ball landed in the front of the posts, which was where much of the first half was played out.

QMBL struggled to gain initial momentum, a shaky start with a serious case of ‘butter fingers’. However, the resultant scrums were ably defended, with Daniels and Menon both quick out of the defensive blocks to terrorise the now flustered opposing half backs.

Kent had an awful tendency for high tackles, some with near decapitating blows. The referee was oblivious to this matter. QMBL gained the ball back and Shand put in a sterling breakout, but her long run was ended by a tackle just inside the 22. With further high tackles, the referee had to take note, and called both captains to him to express his concern on this matter.

Despite courageous defense, the continual Kent rucks staggered them closer and closer to the try line, which culminated in a well-deserved Kent try (conversion missed due to spirited charge from QMBL).

Upon the 2nd half, scrums were uncontested due in part to the QMBL hooker, Buttery, being forced to take to the sidelines after being repeatedly kicked in the shins by the opposition front row.

Penalties and free kicks against Kent began to mount, but in the absence of a kicking game, we repeatedly chose to run them into the heart of the opposition forwards. Pieces started to fall into place as Ranft tore up the wing, taken into touch but from the resultant line out.  Ball was kept to hand and Duker whipped through the defenses with a lung-busting charge to score (conversion missed).

Playing in our 22, numerous Kent phases led to another try, despite valiant tackling. With injuries mounting, hesitancy grew in the QMBL approach to rucks. Kent tries came.

QMBL attacks in the forwards were well marshaled by Kent, and a breakaway from attempts to offload under pressure heralded another try.

1) Collins 2) Buttery 3) Carmignani 4) Newton-Ford 5) Duker 7) Lightfoot 8) Houvast 9) Daniels 10) Menon 11) Dadulla 12) Ranft 13) Fisher 14) Suzuki 15) Shand 16) Willis

Image: QMBL Rugby

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