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One dead and seven injured at Drapers music event

Horrific irony as ‘Battle’ of the Bands event turns into violent bloodbath

Scenes of anguish and utter dismay were witnessed at Drapers last week after a newspaper sponsored ‘Battle of the Bands’ event turned into actual war-like violence and bloodshed. The event, the #EARSsessions in association with the Daily Mail and organized by Queen Mary Student Media turned nasty after fights broke out between artists over a dispute about who could do the best Weezer cover. The subsequent fighting left one bassoonist dead and another seven people injured.

The gig which saw acts including FlamingoUncertain, Jerry Gianluci, God, Occurences and Stealers play to a packed-out audience in the lounge room of Drapers came to a violent close after tempers rose to flashpoint during the final song of FlamingoUncertain’s headline set. It is thought that a member of God mouthed the word “Co**splash” to the band whilst in the crowd and was subsequently wind-milled to death by two intoxicated mega fans. A brawl ensued, with one man being almost choked to death with a pair of Vans tied together whilst another member of the crowd lost an ear after an especially sharp wide-brimmed hat was frisbeed into the crowd. The violence comes in the wake of Drapers winning a prestigious award for being the best venue in East London but not Romford.

Drapers has released a statement on the tragedy providing commiserations to those involved but has vowed to keep its doors open. Solo artist Jerry Gianluci is thought to be thanking his lucky stars after missing his slot at the event. The guitar crooner commented: “I can’t believe it, I was scheduled to play but I got my shoelaces stuck in my pogo stick and I had no money on my Oyster card so I couldn’t make it. I’m thanking my lucky stars.” A QMSU investigation is underway and attendees have been given a full refund.

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