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Introducing: Biomedics Society

The BioMedics Society aims to provide large-scale academic events involving professional speakers speaking on everything from topical issues to career options

Last year, we were honoured to host the reputable Lord Professor Robert Winston as well as the co-author of Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, Professor Parveen Kumar. Both events were hugely successful in attracting audiences from across London and beyond, including many students from the Science and Engineering Faculty at QMUL!

Our committee this year consists of 12 members with Jay and Katherine, our President and Vice President respectively, leading our officers in the Academic Events, Careers, Charities domains and more. We are all very friendly individuals and more than welcome any student to come and approach us in person or through our society e-mail ( about anything to do with life as a student at QMUL.

We provide a plethora of volunteering schemes that broaden our members’ experiences at university as well as giving them the opportunity to give back to the community. This year we are planning to work with the Marrow Society in supporting its affiliated blood leukemia charity. Our Charities Officers are working hard in building links with Cancerkin to create a project for student involvement in raising awareness for breast cancer.

Despite being an academic society, we have lots of fun in our social events that range from go-karting and bowling to exhibitions across London taking advantage of the vast opportunities the city has to offer.

This year we are looking to expand our horizons by creating links with fellow biomedical sciences societies nationwide and being leaders in pushing for better integration with the academic societies in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. Expect events to be iconic and unforgettable – we absolutely cannot wait to show our members what we have on offer!

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