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Insight into the youth of a Chemical Mind Explorer

After much inquisitive feedback, we delve into the childhood of the investigative enigma that is A.R

Faithful readers will have begun to wonder how I have come to be the master of such powerful insight and wisdom. I offer you now a rare insight into a chemically induced revelation of my younger years. Follow me, all.

This Week: Solvents

Solvents are much maligned and misunderstood. I maintain that they are an exemplary drug for the young beginner. Younger readers will sadly be priced out of the market when considering premium narcotics, the best solvents to use however are simple domestic deodorants – this is great for readers who still receive pocket money or ideally can have deodorant bought on their behalf by parents. This rouses little to no suspicion in said parents, in my formative years I simply asked Mum to buy me deodorant so I could smell like my friends and she was none the wiser.

Once when me and mum got back from Sainsbury’s I tied a rubber bag round my head and sprayed a whole can of Lynx Africa up the neck hole. I slipped into a meditative state so deep that I saw an ocean of colours in my head bag. In that head bag I was free from the jibing and cruelty of my peers and the pressures of early adolescence. Naked from the waist down and curled into a foetal ball underneath the desk of my combination bunkbed and workstation I passed through the walls of common perception. I still believe it to be definitely more than worth the breathing difficulties and painful chronic conjunctivitis that I suffer with to this day.

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