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European Arrest Warrant: QM Head of Law calls for action

Following debate in parliament last week, Valsamis Mitsilegas, Head of Queen Mary’s Law department, draws in

Last week saw debating in parliament over whether the UK should opt into the European Arrest Warrant – a vital piece of legislation concerning the justice system within the European Union.  The hot and cold parliamentary feeling towards the European Arrest Warrant highlights the complexity of the issue and Britain’s relationship with Europe, which Mitsilegas feels is not easily defined in right versus left terms.

Mitsilegas declared: “It is surprising that politicians, for whom law and order is high on the agenda, would object to a measure that has been used to extradite nearly 250 suspected rapists, murderers and child sex offenders. Such red meat for the red tops should, one would expect, be enough to bring even the most troublesome members along.”

Professor Mitsilegas also co-signed an open letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, to urge politicians to opt into the European Arrest Warrant. The letter opens with: “A vote to opt in will be a vote for security and for fair and effective criminal justice”. Mitsilegas, talking about the open letter, has commented that “opting out of the European Arrest Warrant will make Britain less safe”, and therefore pressure on British politicians is vital.


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