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Bangladeshi Society Holds Charity Event for Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day in Bangladesh includes a flood of thousands of yellow-shirted volunteers that go out to extend their hands to underprivileged children

This is a widely celebrated day in Bangladesh, and so the Bangladesh Society at Queen Mary decided to take the initiative to contribute to this special day as well. There were about 20 helpers working all day. All the money gathered from the event will go to a charity for impoverished children in Bangladesh through the Jaago Foundation. Jaago is one of the leading NGOs in Bangladesh today, who now also have international collaborations with projects around the world. They have been working with developing educational and health issues for the deprived children in Bangladesh for almost a decade.

Bangladeshi Society’s main activities of the event were the indoor games such as tournaments for table tennis, chess, carrom and a chili challenge. There was sale of traditional Bangladeshi food as well as a homemade cake sale. There was also a traditional Bangladeshi dance performance which was choreographed and practiced only two days beforehand, as well as the lovely singing and open mic for anyone who wanted to share their talents and get the crowd cheering. Presentation videos were shown of the Jaago Foundation’s work and pictures were put on display all around the rooms. Other societies were also included in the event such as Ahlulbayt Society who ran the chili challenge, Carrom Club who lent out their tables, Marrow Society who sold their own homemade cupcakes on a stall, ELSA who were promoting human rights and children’s rights and Asian Dance Society’s vice president, Sakib Islam, who choreographed the performance.

The society was proud to announce the overall outcome was a success! There was strong promotion before and on the day of the event, with volunteers putting up posters, handing out leaflets and getting people to share the event link everywhere on social media. They were able to raise over £300 altogether and had over 200 people flowing into the Blomeley Rooms all throughout the day. There are still donation boxes circulating Tower Hamlets, so the total should increase. The committee put all their effort in working together with everyone to bring together such a large amount of people, all supporting a very important cause. The Bangladesh Society is satisfied and blessed to be able to help the underprivileged children in Bangladesh in getting warm clothes for the winter and providing support for their education, which could not have happened without everyone’s contribution.

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