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Women’s Basketball smash St George’s 72-3

QMBL Women’s Basketball team get off to emphatic start to the season with 72 point triumph over St George’s

Team: Rajbhandari, Paavolainen, Pierre, Santos, Snaas, Jakobsen, Uba-Ifegwu

Queen Mary women’s basketball team got their new campaign off to a flying start with an emphatic win over St George’s University. QM started strong, with Jakobsen proving to be the backbone of a fearless and relentless attack, with Snaas maintaining a consistent defence throughout.

It was in the 7th minute that the first spectacular shot passed through the basket, with Jakobsen providing a shot from the three point line, taking the lead to 11-0. Towards the end of the first quarter, Pierre came into her own – constant awareness, strong on the break as well as being a speedy option for the team.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Santos made the shot of the match with a piece of individual brilliance, dribbling and weaving through the defence, finishing with a fantastic jump shot. St George’s attempted to put pressure on the QM team and did have a number of shots themselves, but the vast majority of which rebounded off the backboard or circled agonisingly around the basket. In the centre of the court Rajbhandari proved to be a nimble addition to squad, leaving St George’s players literally in heaps on the floor whilst she moved across the court and passed to Paavolainen for a crisp finish, finishing the second quarter 36-0.

It wasn’t until the third quarter when St George’s got their first points, after something of a flying start to the quarter. However, it wasn’t long before QM were back on top, putting extraordinary pressure on the St George’s defence, with Uba-Ifegwu proving to be an unstoppable force in leading from the back. One brilliant shot was borne out of the fantastic team work of Jakobsen and Pierre. Jakobsen dribbled through the bodies in the area only for her shot to hit the netting, caught the rebound, and passed to Pierre who provided an elegant yet formidable finish to take the score to 54-2.

By the start of the fourth quarter the St George’s players, perhaps unsurprisingly, looked downcast and played the final quarter with an air of defeatism. QM continued their relentless attack until the very end, with constant attacks on the break, effectively power housing through the St George’s defence. With this fantastic win under their belt, this team are without a doubt a force to be reckoned with this year.

After the game, captain Anika Jakobsen was more than pleased with the result: “It was a great win to start the season off with! Everyone on the team played well and it was a good opportunity for new players to gain confidence and experience as we look forward to harder matches.”

QMBL play their next match against Royal Holloway on the 23rd of November.

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