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Sabbs on tour: An update from QMSU VP Education

Your sabbatical officers keeping you up to date on all the latest QMSU news, watch out for them on their ‘Union on Tour’ initiative

Hey Everyone! I am your Vice President Education and look forward to working with many of you this coming year. My role is to be the voice for all students on all academic related issues as well as being in charge of groups such as QMSU Course Reps. I sit on many university level meetings as the student voice so please come to me if there are any issues.

The SABBs this year have agreed to write a few articles over the year just to keep you in the loop of what we are working on, how things are progressing and general SU news. One thing to note here – ‘Union On Tour’. You may be asking what I mean by this, so let me explain:

‘Union on Tour’ is a project that the four SABBs (Dola, Mashalle, Sam and I) strongly wanted to work on this year. This is where we go out onto all of our campuses (escaping our offices), once a week to talk to all students across the university. This is a chance for all students to be able to relax on a deck chair and eat some free sweets and food (well, not so much that.) This is a way to speak to our students to find out how they are finding their experience at university and also if they have any positive or negative feedback.

As SABBs, we are here to represent our students and their voice, so the more we know about what is going on at the ground level, the more we can do on a university level. A fun fact is that we have already spoken to just under a hundred students and there is already a growing trend in key issues that have been highlighted, such as Study Space and QReview Lecture Recordings, which are both issues that I am working on this year! Raising issues like this on a larger basis is why it is so important to hear back from all our students, so that we can provide help in improving our student experience and strengthening our community.

I mentioned Study Space and QReview. I will be out seeking feedback for both these issues, as the Library has identified a few areas where they could incorporate more study space (yay!), and are also planning on allocating rooms in our main buildings for students to book out for private study. As for QReview, I will be sitting on working groups, and trying to communicate to departments, as to why they should be recording lectures and carrying out surveys on the ground level to see how they are being used across our departments. Some of the Faculty Reps and part-time officers for the SU and myself have also organised our own working group within the Education Zone to all work on this issue together, so watch this space!

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