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QM seconds sweep aside Writtle

Men’s Rugby Seconds continue their winning streak despite last minute line-up changes, with convincing second half performance

QMRFC 2XV – 18

WRITTLE       – 10
1) Fuentes Arevalo, 2) Mcleavy, 3) Lyons , 4) Thompson , 5) Petty, 6)Main, 7)Pupkevich, 8) Hatcher (C), 9) Petiet, 10) Parmenter, 11) Blanc-Garin, 12)Fagan, 13)Talboys, 14)Farouk, 15) Lange, 16) Yip, 17) Sing
After a quality win against Barts, Queen Mary 2XV were the team to beat coming into this game against Writtle. Despite the 1XV taking key 2XV players (Oye Callum and Paddy Vasey) from last week a strong side was still fielded.

Large changes were made to the previous week’s team, in the pack AJ started at flanker following his strong defence in the Barts game and Callum Thompson filled in at lock. Dan Barter couldn’t attend due to a Spurs game. Billy replaced an injured Heavyweight and Adrian returned to complete the 2XV front row. The backs saw even more change. Fady moved to wing because Maz was missing, as he was busy preparing for joint netball session, whilst second row Talboys did a job at centre. Antoine debuted at wing due to Alvaro missing the game to appear on Gardener’s Question Time, and Chesley replaced Joe Ball.

The game started with neither team able to exert dominance over the other. The much larger Writtle team were able to slowly gain ground despite the QM defensive line stopping most runs before breaks could occur. The QM backline, though solid for the most part in defence, were somewhat disorganised in the first half when guarding against kicks down field.

Although QM had early chances, attempting a kick at goal, it was Writtle who scored first; their fly half kicking deep down field into space and collecting it for an easy run over the line. The Queen Mary boys quickly rallied, spending a large proportion of the first half in Writtle territory, concluding with Parmeter dancing though a number of challenges for a try under the posts. Petiet comfortably potted the conversion.

Both Writtle and Queen Mary commanded a different forward set play. The heavier Writtle pack got the shove in the scrum on most occasions. Whilst in terms of lineouts, QM were significantly more successful than that of Writtle, whom suffered from inaccurate throwing. In spite of this, one of their few effective lineouts led to a try just before the first half ended after QM over committed to a ruck on their own five metre. Charles slotted a penalty, leaving the teams even at 10-10 going into half time.

Going into the second half, Writtle were given a number of penalties near the QM try line, none of which they were able to convert into tries. Captain Paddy Hatcher chopped down a runner metres from the try line, with the ball stolen moments later by Main. Even Mcleavy looked somewhat pleased. As the Writtle pack began to tire, gaps increasingly began to appear. Adam Parmeter kicked down field into space when the replacement Writtle winger wasn’t home, gaining QM a large amount of territory. A few minutes later Paddy Hatcher scored, running over a weak challenge on the line to give a try.

QM had been giving away a number of penalties throughout the game, largely due to infringements at the ruck, culminating in Farouk going off for 10 minutes due to slowing the ball. Writtle took advantage of the overlap to almost score in the corner, the ball drifting forward on the last pass. Possession changed hands a number of times between the teams whom remained in the middle of the pitch. A successful attempt on goal by Petiet left the final score of the game, 18-10 to Queen Mary.

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