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Mile End Park hosts first Quidditch tournament

You might have read about Quidditch before, but not with gloomy Mile End as the backdrop

And we’re off! After a year of planning, our first Quidditch tournament has finally taken place. The weather looked ominous but we, the committee, trooped out all the same.

After a couple of hours the pitch was set up and everyone was ready to go! I was refereeing. Wilf, my co-president, was the snitch, and the heads of houses were spurring their teams on.

First up was Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor, which turned out to be our closest match. The game went into overtime due to a tie, at which point Gryffindor’s seeker, Adnan, scored an amazing snitch catch to win the game! The second match was Slytherin vs Ravenclaw, which again was a great match (and tested my patience as a fair few fouls were committed). The matches continued throughout the day as each house played the others once.

The winner at the end was Gryffindor with a whopping 300 point total. Their prize? A match against the committee! Obviously the committee smashed them, but we still count the Gryffindors as the ultimate winners of the tournament.

Overall it was a brilliant day. The matches were intense and there were a fair few injuries along with a very long list of fouls. Nevertheless the teams all had a great time and the weather held up!

So how does Quidditch in the Muggle World work? We’ve had a few queries as to how Quidditch works in the Muggle World. The game works in almost the same way as in the books and movies. The differences? No actual flying, unfortunately, but every player is required to run around with the broom between their legs. The snitch is a person dressed in gold with a tennis ball in a sock hanging out the back of their shorts which the seekers have to try and catch.

There’s a twist though: Seekers aren’t allowed to touch the Snitch, just the sock. However, he/she can grab, push, shove and trip the seekers all they like. Once the seeker snatches the Snitch the game ends and they score their team 30 points (we don’t know what Rowling was thinking when she gave the winning team a massive 150 points). The Quaffle is a volleyball, and there are 3 Bludgers on the pitch, which are actually dodgeballs. If you get hit you have to run back to your hoops and touch them.

Further differences include having a Yellow and Red card to award penalties (any players awarded a penalty are given a 30 second penalty in the penalty box). The game is set to last between 12 – 20 minutes, and there are unlimited substitutions. For a full set of rules see the International

Quidditch Website (

Quidditch really is a lot of fun! What other game do you know that involves a mix of netball, rugby, dodgeball, and football, with 5 balls on the go at once? If you’d like to join one of our Quidditch teams simply email us at (please pay your subs first).

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we will also be starting a QM Quidditch team in January to compete nationally (and internationally if we get that far) from 2015.


Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor – 50 : 80

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin – 110 : 10

Slytherin vs Hufflepuff – 30 : 140

Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw – 50 : 10

Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff – 30 : 80

Slytherin vs Gryffindor – 40 : 170

Gryffindor vs Committee – 40 : 70

 Final standings:

Gryffindor: 300

Hufflepuff: 270

Ravenclaw: 150

Slytherin: 80

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