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Tributes pour in for ‘life and soul’ of the party, Kieran Dhaliwal

Friends and colleagues come together to remember Kieran and pay tribute to a young man full of confidence, who contributed so much to all areas of Queen Mary

Kieran Dhaliwal was one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people you could ever have met. Over his two years at Queen Mary, he really came out of his shell, and as the chant of ‘Dhaliwal’ became a ‘thing’ at Uni, Kieran became a confident young man, looking forward to a future in industrial consulting. Kieran was heavily involved in all aspects of University life; a member of QMUL Hockey team, a frequent gym goer, a keen boxer and a mentor with the Reach Out program. He was also a dedicated student, hoping to knuckle down in third year.

Outside of University, Kieran was known as the life and soul of the party, as well as a genuine guy who was a caring friend. He was a keen cook (even if he once left rice to go blue in Halls), a self-taught guitarist with a passion for Oasis and Nirvana and would even cut his housemates hair. He was the kind of guy who would do anything for anyone, and had a fantastic sense of humour and fun. Below are some tributes from friends and colleagues:

“Kieran was the most caring, lovely and funny young guy anyone could want to know and call a friend. His sense of humour had everyone in stitches and he wore his heart on his sleeve. He will be sorely and deeply missed by myself and so many others.”

– Daniel Harrold

“Kieran was a cheerful and uplifting friend. I loved his obscure talent of referencing TV shows and movies in every conversation we had. One of my funniest memories with Kier was in first year. We were both bored in Feilden House and had plenty of cardboard boxes lying around, so we spent the better part of the afternoon crafting cardboard armour to fight in and surprise our flatmates. I am grateful to have met such a cool and silly person.”

– Kenny Vo

“He was always the life and soul of the party! He was the one who made everyone laugh. The last conversation I had with him was about how he had always wanted to be in a band, and that he really wanted to knuckle down and do well in his third year.”

– Lydia Strinati

“We would chant “Dhaliwal!” every night we went out and at first he hated it – because he was quite reserved – but during the course of second year he started to love it, and by Freshers’ this year he would have random people he didn’t even know singing his name! His name became an actual thing on campus and as a result he became more and more confident with everything he did.”

– Alex Greenwood

“Met with Kieran earlier in the summer to discuss his performance and then at the start of the semester to talk about his plans for the final year and his future.Kieran was full of enthusiasm and looking forward to his studies and professional and personal career. What a tragic and senseless loss of a beautiful life. I am close to his family and friends and will remember him with a smile on his face and an always positive attitude.”

– Guglielmo Volpe

I can’t stress enough how much he came out of his shell over the last two years, becoming such a confident young man. It channelled into everything he was involved in: hockey, Reach Out, cooking, cutting all our hair, gym, boxing and being a dedicated student

– Harry McMahon

Those wishing to donate to Kieran’s Reach Out charity page can do so here:

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