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The Print focus: QM Amnesty

Ruta Krisciunaite informs us of the terrible realities we can rectify

As members of Amnesty International we seek to challenge the distance and desensitization that almost always accompanies the acceptance of violence and the crackdown on freedom, by bringing the experience of those who suffer in front of the student community.

Our purpose is to bring students into contact with the terrible realities worldwide that often can be addressed more effectively from within the centre of globalization where we are, and to help to create a future generation of activists.

We also want to bring forward the examples of many unknown heroes that fight and often put their life on the line in the hope of a better future for humans, and in doing so inspire ourselves to take action.

Our purpose is a collective learning of the skills of a human rights activist through our exchange of ideas and methods, so that we empower ourselves to alleviate human suffering worldwide for the future.

Moreover, we aim not only to train ourselves in activism, campaigning and organization, but to also make a significant difference by coordinating with other Amnesty student societies and activist groups, to expand existing campaigns and pressure the public and politicians into taking action on key issues.

This academic year we are planning exciting activities such as the ‘’Stop Torture’’ campaign, events on Syria, 3rd London Students Amnesty Conference hosted by QM Amnesty, ‘’My Body- My Rights’’ campaign and so much more.

If you want to make a difference for oppressed people, enter into the world of NGOs, learn organizational, activist and coordination skills, and get to know other like-minded students, our society is the perfect place for you.

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