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The Bees’ Knees: Chapter 2

When Will I Bee Famous

My obsession began way back when. I was in a haze, stumbling around the terrain of my motherland. I was enjoying my own company, on a mission to find something, anything, to poke and prod and burn. And then I spotted the swarm. Thousands of them. Moving as one, with enough fluidity to ensnare a hundred swans.

Or a kid. Me kid. I had found my spirit creature. Creatures. One but individual. Independent but together. Strength in numbers. My brain wasn’t used to this; I’d been a lonely child all my life and suddenly here was the proof that you could really belong to something bigger. I needed to have a good sit down and long hard think.

But that was twenty years ago. I was here now, lying on the sofa – el pathetica. I put on my JD sports and listened to Dido’s ‘’White Flag’’ for the seventh time that evening. The dog gazed up at me from his stinking putrid basket, showing me his balls as he rose from his slumber. Stupid Cerberus.

And I still hadn’t told Janet. I was feeling sorry for myself, and like I needed to tell Janet. Feeling like I needed to tell Janet the story behind my dependence Won the bees. Feeling like I didn’t want to feel any more. I held the flask of brandy and took a long, slow sip.

To Bee Continued….

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