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Queen Mary History presents: An evening with Dan Snow

Queen Mary’s History Society and the School of History are very proud to welcome Dan Snow for an evening on Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Dan Snow, a regular on The One Show as ‘history man Dan’, will be coming to Queen Mary to discuss the history of World War One. For twelve years, Dan and his father, Peter, have brought history to the general public through BAFTA award winning documentaries like Battlefield Britain. The Action Man of the history world has travelled to war zones in Congo and Syria, travelled through the Grand Canyon in historically-reconstructed transportation, fired the seventy-year-old guns of a spitfire recovered from a bog in Ireland, and shovelled muck from the streets of London, all in the name of making history even more exciting and interesting for all to enjoy.

We, however, have no intention of putting him through any sort of trial by fire. Instead, Dan will give us his thoughts on Europe’s bloodiest war. Come along and hear why all of the media attention about WWI is about more than just marking the centenaries of battles on the continent and afar. This event is open to all students with any interest in WWI as well as anyone who would like to know a little more.

To attend the event, you must have booked a ticket in advance. Paid members will be given 24 hours advance notice via email. Pay your £5.00 subscription through the QMSU website ( or at the reception desk in the SU on campus.

To keep up to date with the QM History Society like them on Facebook: /QMULHistSoc or follow them on Twitter: @QMULHistSoc

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