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LSE disbands rugby team after sexist and homophobic comments

The London School of Economics’ rugby team was disbanded last week after a string of sexist, homophobic comments in their Freshers’ Fair leaflets

The rugby team were distributing derogatory flyers describing female sports team members as “mingers”, “trollops” and “slags” and encouraging misogyny for potential new members of the sporting society. The leaflet then went on to describe the supposed forfeits of ‘’homosexual humiliation’’ and “outright homosexual debauchery” of those wanting to initiate at the rugby society.

Equality, feminist, LGBT and other societies across all of the University of London colleges, including QMEquality, collaborated in calling attention and condemning the society.

LSE Students’ Union’s General Secretary, Nona Buckley-Irvine, released a statement saying: “After considered deliberation and a wide investigation, LSE Men’s Rugby Club will be disbanded for the rest of the academic year and not be allowed to represent LSE or LSESU. They will be withdrawn from any competitions already entered into.”


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