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Introducing: The Queen Mary Commuters’ Society

Queen Mary’s Commuters’ Society is a new society that was founded by Sara Ramjean (President), Jade Tran (Vice-President) and Naomi Nelson (Treasurer) in March 2014

The idea behind this society is to use our experiences as commuters to benefit the Freshers starting this year, and also to enhance the experience of current commuters across campus. Commuters make up most of the QMUL student population and we hope to use this society to make the most out of our time at university.

Our aims?

Whilst our aim is to bring people together to commute to and from university, our main objective is to prevent students from feeling isolated from the university experience just because they live away. University is one of the most important stages of our lives where we make lasting memories. Therefore, we ensure that everyone makes the most out of it. We do this through a variety of daytime and evening events. We also feel that the Commuters’ Society is a great place to expand your social circle; it allows everyone to join together from different courses, backgrounds and year groups and become one big network of friends who get together every now and then.

Who can join QMCS?

Despite the title of our society being aimed at commuters, it’s in fact open to anyone. It is beneficial for students who live on and off campus. Campus students tend to move from either abroad or outside London, so QMCS is an opportunity for them to get together with Londoners who know the area like the back of their hands, and can use this advantage to show the non-Londoners the beauty of our city and the best places to sightsee. As for commuters, it’s a way to meet new people from other parts of London, the UK, as well as across different countries.

Past events?

As we are a new society, we’ve been working on our plans over the summer for the new Freshers. So far we’ve created three WhatsApp groups for commuters to bond through. This was followed by two Pre-Freshers’ events, for everyone to mingle before Freshers’ week, so this removed the fear of going to events alone. Since then, we’ve met even more commuters through those events, and as a result our group has grown even further.

Upcoming events?

We aim to have a ‘’Commuters Day’’ weekly throughout the year, which will include events such as movie nights, sightseeing, and dinners etc. However, we also aim to have one big event per month. In October, we will spend Halloween at Thorpe Park’s Fright Night event. In November, we will watch the fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night. In December, we will have Christmas events including Winter Wonderland and watching the New Year Eve fireworks in London.

How to contact us?

Facebook is where you can keep up to date with our society and upcoming events: Alternatively, you can contact us on our email or follow us on Twitter

@QMCommuters and check out our website on

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