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Introducing: QMBL Women’s Rugby Club

“You don’t need to be butch to play women’s rugby”

QMBL Women’s Rugby club are without a doubt ready to hit the ground running. Having finished a close second in the south eastern league last year, they’re more determined than ever to top the table in the 14/15 season. Having only been in action for three years, the women’s rugby club are without a doubt an up-and-coming club.

With this season being the first as an official and autonomous sports team, separate from men’s rugby, the girls are keener than ever to create a strong, enthusiastic and competitive team while ensuring an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere for those who simply wish to join for the social side of the club. Free from cliques often found in some clubs, women’s rugby provides a fun and open social side, where everyone is welcome.

The social side plays a massive role within the women’s rugby club, from being in charge of the club’s precious mascot ‘‘Peter the Gnome’’ to gaining your pink beer shirt, it’s an inclusive and, most of all, fun experience. Many of you reading this may have preconceptions about women’s rugby, and, to be honest, you’re probably not alone. However, the club’s social secretary Kathryn Fisher says it’s clear that they want to break down some of these preconceptions:

“Being a lesbian or being butch aren’t pre-requisites for joining the rugby club, anyone can join.” Whether you’re a spindly little thing or practically a walking muscle, Fisher assures me that anyone can play rugby, “Rugby is the sport for anyone who doesn’t really consider themselves athletic. The beauty of the rugby club is that there’s a position for everyone, if you’re fast and agile you’ll be on the wing or if you can kick a ball an extraordinary distance, you’ll be a back.”

Always looking for new players, the club trains once a week on Wednesday afternoons with their coach. As a means to raise fitness levels, they’re keen to introduce optional strength and conditioning sessions in the QMotion gym, in addition to their bi-weekly session in Victoria Park. With the league about to get underway, the club will not doubt be hoping star players such as Ruby Lightfoot, Manasi Menon and lock Annette Zhao will put in memorable and match winning performances.

Whether you’ve played rugby before and don’t know how to get involved, or have now begun to contemplate joining either the competition squad or just for the social side, you’ve got nothing to lose, so give it a go! The team’s next match is on Wednesday 29th of October against Kings College London at home (Chislehurst), so head over to the game and cheer on the girls!

To get in contact, email the club at: or join them on Facebook: ‘Queen Mary and Barts and The London Women’s RFC’ and Twitter: @qmblrfc

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