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Flick to be slick: Introducing the Carrom Society

Carrom (or Karom) is a beloved table-top sport and regional pastime of several cultures in the eastern world, from the Mauritius to the Maldives, to Malaysia, Myanmar and many more

A highly addictive cross between ice hockey and pool (but predating both) where one has to flick to be slick – carrom is gaining in popularity in the western world, and the QM Carrom Federation Society is leading the way to launch it onto UK shores.

Not only for carrom connoisseurs, if the mention of the game brings about any of the following thoughts: ‘’haven’t played it since I was a little kid’’, ‘’my family play it but my fingers always hurt’’ or ‘’doesn’t ring a bell at all’’, then the Carrom Club was made for you.

(Re)discover a love of carrom with an endlessly beneficial membership; come along to our drop-in sessions with refreshments for free, receive discounted entry to socials and competitions, bag one of twenty free strikers, and have the chance to win a free carrom board – all for only £1.

So follow BL Carrom Club on Facebook and Twitter and join now!

Freshers is a crazy time for anyone. New people, new environment. You’d think being imbued with the powers of a centuries-old carrom board would make it a bit easier. You’d think wrong.

Purchase Carrom Club membership now for only £1 for the chance to win a free carrom board, a year’s free subscription to Carrom Comics and to help Karom Kid keep our streets safe in the fight against evil. Ay Carrom-Ba!

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