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Chance a Breakdance

Karina Chan gives us her take on popping and locking, especially for the ladies

We are the Breakdance Club and we aim to teach any enthusiastic individual how to breakdance/Bboy. Originally we were a club that was based in Barts, but now we have expanded into becoming a club at Mile End, to appeal to as many QM students as possible who are interested in this form of street dance.

As one of the newly established sport clubs, we had many issues to overcome in terms of administrative work, deadlines and committee roles, but now we are finally here, well-organised and ready to go! Throughout the process of organising the club we were able to secure two experienced tutors to demonstrate and teach our members the different dance movements e.g. the infamous toprock shown in the photograph. Not only will they be teaching our members in groups, the tutors will also help and provide individual feedback so you’ll have some smooth and flawless moves to show off to your friends and family.

Currently, our aim is to represent Queen Mary and Barts at the UK Bboy University Championships sometime in the near future. With advanced sessions which take place every Wednesday at the Barts and The London Dance Studio as well as beginner sessions every Saturday at Qmotion Dance Studio, we are hoping that we can get a team together and battle the different universities across the UK. If possible, Battle of the Year is our next goal, which is often referred to as the ‘‘world cup of breakdancing’’ that takes place around October.

To help our members settle in we have planned several socials that will allow us to bring our members together to relax, get to know one another, and develop teamwork. Our upcoming socials include: Hail Mary, bowling, and pizza night. Although we have no dates finalised for these events, we also welcome our members to suggest ideas that we will try to implement in the future. Our weekly socials include lunch after our Saturday training sessions. So, if you want to train yourself, are interested in street-dance or want to take on a challenge, join QMBL Breakdance!

Although you usually only see guys breakdancing, females are warmly welcomed too. There are some girls in our crew as well, at a range of levels, so you are never alone. You do not need to have any prior knowledge, just come along and learn something new! Our social sec, who’s the only female on the committee, is also a novice and she’s also there to hear you out if you have any problems or questions. Calling out to all you potential female breakers, don’t be afraid to join us! Pop along and see how friendly and helpful everyone is. Dancing helps you tone up through all the freeze positions and improve upper body strength and it’s a chance to develop your stamina and flexibility.

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