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The road to Merger begins here

With wounds still very much sore and another year of QM and Barts sport about to commence, our Sport Editor delivers a Merger Cup battle cry for the year ahead

March 15th 2014: Barts emerge victorious with a Merger Cup win. Champagne on one side, beers and tears on the other. For QM, the blood bath was over and the only thing left to do was to wipe away the sweat from muddied, downcast faces and find a way to let go.

For those who are unfamiliar (not just first years), The Merger Cup is the official Queen Mary and Barts London varsity tournament. Each side is the ultimate rival of the other, and this is the most important day in the sporting calendar to show who is boss. Imagine being a final year and forever having the honour of saying that you left your university with degree in one hand, Merger Cup in the other. The pride. The glory.

We’re told that Merger is a great way to maintain a friendly and healthy rivalry between Queen Mary and Barts. Don’t buy into this blasé attitude. The competition is fierce and ruthless. This year The Print will be providing you with expansive inside coverage of the run up to Merger 2015 from both sides, covering sports including: fencing, rugby, swimming, badminton, rowing, netball, hockey, football and plenty of others, as they prepare themselves for their shot at glory.

Barts and QM play competitively against each other many times throughout the year in various different sports. Regardless of what happens throughout the year, Merger is the moment that rewards its victors and offers no mercy to those who fall short. Pick a side. See you there.

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