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The Print Focus: Nepalese Society

Formed in December 2009, the Nepalese society is all about celebrating the Nepalese culture and tradition

This is the society for you if you are interested in meeting people from various backgrounds and in learning about Nepal. Nepal is a small but extremely diverse country, with 75 districts and 102 different castes and ethnic groups. We also provide volunteering opportunities in Nepal – an incredible way to experience the country, culture and people while gaining many skills that will make you stand out in the work field.

This year we are holding even more get-togethers, including: Nepalese movie nights, pani puri and momo making parties, a Diwali and Tihar party with other Nepalese societies from London universities, going out as a QM Nepalese society to multiple events held by well-known Nepalese organisations in London so that that we can interact with a larger society who also share the same interests in the benefit of Nepal. Through various events we want to build up the relationship between the Nepalese society and new members so that we can take honest feedback and opinions from our members on how to improve this society.

The Nepalese society is where we come together as a small family to share our pride and enjoy the Nepalese culture. We warmly welcome those who are interested in celebrating this with us despite his or her cultural origins. With committee members from both Nepalese and non-Nepalese backgrounds, we aim to create a friendly, warm environment by organising get-togethers frequently, once every two weeks.

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