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Societies on Society: The Scottish Referendum

In the first of what will be a regular feature, Eve Bolt asks QM’s diverse range of societies for their views on a piece of topical debate

It had to be a pie-chart for a Scottish poll, really, didn’t it? With the medley of souls at the Freshers’ Fair, we thought it would be interesting to see Societies’ opinions on the UK society dividing itself. The overall consensus was pro society, affirming and appropriate. These were no bampots. Economic and legal implications were considered as well as concerns over loss of the arts, culture and flag, the Scottish land’s gift. And Andy Murray.

A further worry was the political punch this would pack on Sassenachs, with Labour pushing north and Conservatives concentrating on the south.

Generally, it was agreed independence was unhealthy; romantic rather than practical. But there were many nationalist aye-sayers. Scotland’s plan to model its resource distribution on Norway’s was given as a positive reason to support the campaign, for instance.

Conclusively, the vote mirrored Scotland’s. Britain in all its multicultural greatness is exemplified by the mural of societies, patch-worked together by pro-diversity, fun, welcoming and evidently informed scholars. Any student seeking a society should be encouraged to find votes for the union and independence; it is one thing to be ‘better together’ but a whole new wonder to be able to celebrate individuality simultaneously.

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