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QMUL applications at an all-time high

QMUL application figures risen year-on-year since fee increase

Despite countless predictions to the contrary following the 2012 tuition fee reforms – with many speculating that figures would continue to fall alongside higher fees – Queen Mary undergraduate applications hit an all-time high this year since the immediate post-reform drop.

QM received a huge 31,878 applications for its 2014 entry, exceeding the last two years and the previous all-time high of 29,953 for 2011/12. That year assumed to be especially popular as it was the last year before tuition fees tripled.

Vice Principal, Professor Susan Dilly, tells us why she believes Queen Mary has grown in popularity over the years, stating, ‘reasons that might have contributed to this increase include our success in national and international league tables, a reputation for teaching excellence, significant investments in facilities over the last few years, and the attractiveness of East London as a destination.’

She adds, ‘We are particularly pleased that this is achieved while maintaining our approach to widening participation and outreach programmes, ensuring that the very best and brightest students choose to study with us, whatever their background.’

UCAS figures have shown a growing disparity between male and female applicants in the UK, with 87,000 more women applying than men this year. It has also shown that undergraduate applications for 2014/15 entry have increased by 4% across the UK. This shows just how impressively Queen Mary’s 15% increase stands amongst the figures.

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