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Fresh from Freshers’

You’ll have more than enough lectures this year, so I won’t bore you with the old hat persuasion spiel

Time for a new hat. Maybe a wizard’s one? Or a chef ’s toque? The Freshers’ Fair showcased the magic available at Queen Mary and the societies with the spells to make it. Go on over to the societies profiles to see the myriad choice. As a Fresher, I’m as overwhelmed and invigorated by the fair as many of you will be. Our first commitment is to our course, of course, so the decisions for how many and what kind of societies we join are difficult ones. Second and third year students have agreed, however, that a proactive attitude aids studies rather than compromises them. Dedicating yourself to even one society can bestow you with freedom rather than shackles.

No matter what, rest assured there is a home from home for you. There always has been at Queen Mary. Ernest Henry Jago, an Engineering student in 1933 and fighter lieutenant, was a member of the Rugby, Football, Badminton and Lawn Tennis clubs as well as the Dramatic Society. Pop to the Octagon to see his page in the Veterans’ book. In the modern day, Dola Osilaja, President of the Queen Mary Student Union, emphasised that ‘societies are a great way to make friends and learn more about different cultures in such a short space of time.’ He was welcomed in with open arms. Ruth Valentine’s The Making of Queen Mary, University of London (find it in the Hub), includes Dominika Jankowska’s comment that ‘being international and foreigner-friendly is one of the greatest features of the university’.

So, why don’t you become a great feature of the university too? The perks of societies – prizes, discounts, competitions – go hand-in-hand with the incomparable skills that’ll benefit you in the world of work. Go to the gigs, give a voice to those who have none, yarnbomb, provoke, chill and more! Change myths and create legends.

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