2016-17 Editorial Team:


Anna Savage 

Anna is a third year history student with a passion for journalism and a love of 70s sci-fi shows. You can usually find her in the media room frantically putting the paper together or continuing her search for the best milkshake in London.


Deputy Editor 

Becky Crawford

Becky is a third year English student. She loves to read the bible and eat humous. Her bucket list includes riding a motorbike.






Online Editor 

Isabelle Ilaya

Ivi is a second year Accounting student. When she’s not busy running a workshop on how to spell and pronounce her name, she can be found locked in her room, listening to Vaporwave.



Elmira Tanatarova

When Elmira isn’t drowning in caffeine, she can be found binge watching Friends in order to become as witty as Chandler Bing or Gilmore Girls to become as savage as Emily Gilmore.


Poppy Thompson

Poppy is a 2nd year Comparative Literature student who gets too excited about coronation street. In her free time she likes to look for all her possessions she lost when drunk. If lost, return to Suffolk, they’ll know what to do.



Theodor Debrunner-Hall

The elusive Theodor is usually found sipping on a cold drink or reading to avoid real life problems like studying German or the inevitable slow crawl towards death.


Brigid Harrison-Draper

Brigid is a first year undergrad studying comparative literature. When she isn’t complaining about the prices of drinks or the fact 42’s nightclub doesn’t exist in London, she is found either in her room drinking dark fruits or walking round campus acting like she is the long lost member of Oasis.


Sophie Mitchell

Sophie is a 2nd year English student with a burning aspiration to grow a beard like Karl Marx’s. When she’s not busy planning an underground social revolution, she can often be found in the park admiring other people’s dogs.



Farheen Akhter

Farheen is a third year history student, who has a surprising talent at procrastinating her way through life. She’s also easily distracte…


Patrick Litten

Patrick is a Second Year International Relations student. When he isn’t pretending to be edgy across London, he likes to relax by pretending people read his carefully written blog posts and tweets.


Science and Tech

Simon Munro

Simon is a third year biomedical scientist. Can often be found in the library crying over his dissertation He enjoys Italian food, salsa dancing and long walks in the moonlight.


Ellie Evans

Ellie is a third year Biology student and sleep enthusiast. Often found attempting to embrace adult life and failing, wine in hand.



Maddie Tyler

Maddie can usually be found either curled up in a dark corner of the library or behind a till in The Village Shop working to pay for her various impulse buys; the most recent being a pasta machine she has no intention of using.


Harriet Corke

Harriet is quite boring. This is probably because she is a second year English student, and has to spend lots of time in quarantine reading George Eliot. She does wear some nice jumpers, though.



Aga Stephenson

Aga is a second year law student whose life revolves around cheerleading. Often spotted power walking through campus with heavy textbooks or persuading freshers to join QM Angels.



Rachael Griffiths

Rachael is a second year French and Hispanic studies student. She enjoys playing netball, running, coffee and is great at telling bad jokes.


Rayna Sidhu

Rayna is a third year history student with a passion for football and sport. Friendly unless you say a bad word about her beloved team.


Shakir Hussain

I’m a huge fan of Sports mainly Football and MMA. I write as a hobby.



Daniela Clark

Daniela is (still) a third year English student. She found third year so much fun, she decided to do it twice, which is why she’s super qualified to be design editor of the paper. She likes gnocchi and laying in bed.



Eve Frayling

Eve is a second year English student. When she’s not throwing shapes in the likes of XOYO (sadly no longer Fabric), she can be seen wandering round various art galleries or binging on Suits.


Social Media 

Catherine Frost

Catherine is a second year law student with a passion for animal rights. She can usually be found in the library, pretending to work, while actually day-dreaming of the summer break.


Jaspriya Dhillon

Jas is a first year biology student and a devoted mother to 6 cacti. When she’s not re-watching episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race in her pyjamas, you’ll probably find her trying to climb a wall somewhere.