We’re hiring! The Print is looking for a new editorial team! 

That’s right folks, The Print is looking for enthusiastic, creative and committed students to be a part of a brand spanking new editorial team. Student media really is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in the world of journalism and provides a way to build on communication and organisational skills.

So if you would like to be a part of the newspaper, which recently won ‘Student Media Outlet of the Year’, get applying and come on board!

Positions Available:

Features Editors (x3)

News Editors (x4)

Comment Editors (x3)

Satire Editors (x3)

Societies Editors (x3)

Sports Editors (x3)

Science and Tech Editors (x3)


Copy Editors / Proofreaders (x3)

Photography Editors (x3)

Cartoonist (x1)

Design Editors (x2)

Online Editors (x2)

Marketing Team Members (x2)

Social Secretary (x1)


Editorial Team Descriptions 2017-2018

Application Form 2017-2018

Please complete the application tasks for your preferred position before 28 May 2017 and email them to editor@theprintnews.co.uk.

Good Luck!


Want to pitch an article? Drop the relevant section editors an email (contact details here) or join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1329367100434471


Membership for The Print is available from the QMSU website: qmsu.org/studentmedia/join/